About Us

The Classy Flea in Branson, Missouri, has a new owner! Meet Gail Garrett, who has traveled across the country searching for unique finds not typically found in a flea market.

Gail, a Missouri native, grew up on a dairy farm, and loved accompanying her dad on his auction outings. She developed a taste for antiques and a zest for the "thrill of the hunt." And hunting she did. Over the years (twenty, to be exact!), Gail has traveled to South America twice a year, where she has become family to many members of the community. She brings large suitcases of necessities and goods to share with the impoverished people. She then is able to fill the empty suitcases with rare finds from the region, including unique jewelry, often made from seeds and nuts, alpaca sweaters, shawls, hats and gloves

Gail has been in the flea market business for forty years, and she enjoys traveling the world with her husband in search of new gems and pieces to delight her customers. Stop into The Classy Flea today for a visit that will take you back in time...and maybe to a whole different world!